Loiter Among the Gods on Sunny Delos

The Greek City Times reminds us that some of the most stunning ancient archaeological treasures in history are to be found on the islands dotting the Cyclades, with glorious Delos leading the pack. An ancient site of multi-national trade, one finds here a plethora of shrines and sanctuaries dedicated to a variety of deities from different lands whose cults had managed to “crossover” into the mainstream of Hellenic civilization—much like the rare country music hit song might find its way to broad appeal on the Billboard Pop 100 Charts.

Well, you get my drift.

Anyhow, I can attest that Delos is a goldmine of godly remnants with fascinating histories. My favorite sanctuary is the one dedicated to the Hellenized form of Isis, the all-encompassing Egyptian goddess of magic and motherly affection, not to mention a serious ancient contender with Jesus and Mary for the hearts and souls of the Mediterranean peoples and those beyond.

If you’re pondering a trip to the most magical spots among the Greek Islands, Delos must be near the top of your list. What are you waiting for? Get your travel agent on the horn and make some arrangements. The entire world is likely to blow up in the next decade. See the sights while you can.


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