Oh, Give Us a Break—Shark Semantics

We’ve already been through this gory report regarding the tragic shark attack upon swimmer Simon Nellist in Australia early last year. It is, however, straining credulity for the International Shark Attack File to officially list the incident as a “provoked attack,” as if Nellist had been poking the shark with a stick or wearing a “Come and Dismember Me!” bullseye sign on his ass instead of just practicing his swimming routine in the water.

What are these nimrods trying to say by the use of such terms and classifications? That victims like Nellist are “seducing” Great White Sharks in some way? That simply swimming in the ocean is a “provocative” activity? If so, any seal, turtle, or tuna could be classified as a wanton tease because sharks sure as hell feed upon them while they’re going about their daily errands, as well. Provocation implies fault and this is just one more way that the proper use of words and terminology is regressing (after reasonable progress) under the aegis of the New Puritans of the day.

By the same standard, a woman who stumbles unaware into a bar that happens to be full of lifelong rapists on parole and is attacked could be said to have “provoked” the incident. We truly don’t want to go back to those moronic times, but the extreme Left is beginning to mimic the extreme Right in the parsimonious dogmatization of words to suit morphing ideologies.

Simon Nellist was minding his own business swimming in the ocean as a training exercise for an upcoming competition. A large, hungry white shark happened to be nearby and consumed him, piece by piece. Nature at work. Nellist did not “provoke” anything. Bad luck took its course. I’m as big a conservationist as anyone, especially when it comes to great white sharks, but the zealots of the movement need to air their petticoats and calm down.


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