Serrated Update

HERE is a bit more info concerning the recent attack and apparent death/consumption of an Australian surfer by a highly aggressive great white shark. One eyewitness account seems to indicate that the predator was “at least ten feet” long, which is relatively small for a Great White prepared to eat an adult human being in its entirety. In some respects, the reports about length and the ferocity of the attack might indicate the involvement of another dangerous species like the Bull Shark—also known to frequent Australian waters. However, the extent of trauma (apparent consumption in toto) and the region’s already longstanding reputation as a Great White Shark hunting territory points toward the fearsome charcharadon charcharias as being the most likely “culprit” in this tragic happenstance. An adolescent white shark of ten feet can certainly inflict all the damage required to dismember and subsequently digest a full-grown man, and the enthusiasm that often comes with relative inexperience in these mercurial beasts might account for the savagery of the hit. This was a hungry young apex predator and it meant business. Hopefully more specific data will be forthcoming from law enforcement and marine researchers as the details and evidence of the incident are gathered and assessed. Of course, continued best wishes for the unfortunate gentleman’s family, friends, and students (he was a teacher) continue to be extended. Be careful out there, fellow ocean-lovers. RIP, Simon.


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