Be Careful Out There, Royalty May Run You DOWN

My cat was emerging from her “igloo-style” litter box this morning as I was entering the laundry room and she zipped unexpectedly between my legs to make her escape. I was forced to put a steadying hand on the edge of the washing machine for a second.

I describe this encounter as “near catastrophic.” But what can you expect from royalty. Ms. Beans is a princess, after all.

UPDATE: For those vaguely interested, I shall reiterate: My posts have been fairly pithy for good reasons, lately, and shall continue to be so unless something really gets my goat and demands a proper diatribe.

I am currently working on the completion of FOUR (count ‘em) 4 major projects simultaneously. Progress has been steady, save for a month’s interruption to attend to certain familial matters of a rather serious nature. As my projects come to fruition, more details shall be revealed indeed.


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