All Aboard to Cape Cod … the Beaches Are Open!

Just be sure to wear a black wetsuit when taking that delightful dip.

Truly, with the entertainment industry bereft of new ideas (though countless new stories and works are created ever year) and intent upon remaking classic kids’ films and shitty comic book tales in ridiculously infantilized “woke” incarnations, why not up the artistic ante? Inject a dose of realism into such upcoming works, along with sensible plot twists.

For example, send the Little Mermaid on vacation to Cape Cod in the midst of a Great White Shark invasion like the one described in the above article. Have Viola Davis playing the Danish undersea heroine. Stark in artistic delivery, rife with verisimilitude, and genuinely exciting—especially once the feeding frenzy begins after Viola explains DEI to a group of circling charcharadon charcharias. It would be a win/win for Hollywood and for audiences alike. Practically a documentary.


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