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Love for Wistwood from Kirkus Reviews

  For over 80 years, Kirkus Reviews has been known as one of the toughest, most respected, prestigious, and no-nonsense sources of serious literary criticism in the world. They remain a bellwether of discerning excellence across a bloated and increasingly chaotic industry landscape. For an author to get a glowing review from their esteemed masthead and assortment of discriminating professionals is (for this gent) … Read More Love for Wistwood from Kirkus Reviews

Don’t Force the Mix (and sundry)

If you’re the ‘water’ in an acquaintance that simply isn’t working out, get the hell away from the ‘oil’ as fast as your feet will carry you. If you’re the oil, don’t worry about it. You’ll just rise to the top. These words (my own) popped into the windmills of my mildly wheeling brain the other night for reasons upon which I shall not … Read More Don’t Force the Mix (and sundry)

Orwellian Amazon INSANITY!

Rack and ruin, smiting and wrath, horror upon horror to the goblins, micro-gremlins and scatterbrained millennial “thinkers” that currently operate, a company which I now truly believe to be a devious tentacular weapon of the Illuminati (or whatever trendy cabal so many crazy-ass conspiracy theorists are barking about incessantly these days.) Get THIS shit: I have been an Amazon customer since its inception … Read More Orwellian Amazon INSANITY!

Flashback Friday

Another impending move, another house sold … the semi-peripatetic life has suited me for creative, financial, and spiritual reasons since the days of my youth. I am happy to report that the present days (and what “youth” remains) are still being spent in the pursuit of adventure and whatever alluring-but-elusive glimpses of magic may be attained amid this mortal coil. Speaking of the Sweet … Read More Flashback Friday

The More Things Change …

BOOK REVIEW by Jonathan Kieran THE GOLDEN ASS, or METAMORPHOSES Apuleius (translation by E.J. Kenney*) Penguin Classics Edition Though I tend to eschew the once noble and now tragically democratized art of “professional” book reviewing, the occasional exception is made for some vaunted pillar of the past that gleams with particular resonance or charms my pants off, quite literally. To wit, I am pleased … Read More The More Things Change …

Checking-Out to Check-In

It has been awhile since I’ve blogged anything newsy on the official site (including Zanzibar strips) and there are reasons for that which I would like to take a few moments to explain. First, I have been steeped for the past six months in the preliminary planning and initial creation-phases of my next, as-yet-untitled book, slated for release in 2019 by Brightbourne. It’s going … Read More Checking-Out to Check-In

Grab The Good Moments and Never Let ‘Em Go, Fellow Homo Sapiens

Perch no longer upon painful pins and needles, Ye friends, readers, and oh-so-ardent admirers strewn across the whirling globe. Verily I say unto thee, an “update” has been born amid the creaking, ramshackle windmills of my brain. That being said, don’t get too excited, as this update is unlikely to rock your world or even rustle a few leaves upon the Autumnal Tree of … Read More Grab The Good Moments and Never Let ‘Em Go, Fellow Homo Sapiens

At Last … Zanzibar Circus

Yes, I know: I’ve been threatening to release this comic tour-de-farce for months. Sorry, but there were so many other endeavors with which to occupy my questionable interests that I never got around to it until now. For example, it took me a significant amount of time to figure out how to operate the many sinister and relentless updates & upgrades foisted upon us … Read More At Last … Zanzibar Circus

Midwest Book Review Gives Us Some Lovin’

With the Goodreads promotion of Confessions from the Comments Section complete and the New Year finally rolling into some semblance of high gear, your friendly, neighborhood Existential Troubadour was especially pleased to receive word about Midwest Book Review’s sparkling praise for our latest literary emanation. Midwest Book Review has been one of the nation’s most respected and comprehensive bastions of literary criticism since the mid-1970s, … Read More Midwest Book Review Gives Us Some Lovin’

When all else fails, pose with an electrified cat. #Standards

Lately I am loathe to play any sort of role as just one more babbling voice in what I call the “Great Cacophony” — this seemingly infinite and overloaded universe of disparate, narcissistic voices clamoring and competing for attention in the cyber realm and elsewhere. I do not want to become one of those paragons of vanity who bombards fellow human beings with pointless … Read More When all else fails, pose with an electrified cat. #Standards

Blame Twitter when your kids call you an old drunk. #trends

For fellow professional “Tweeters” who languish in realms reserved for those not nearly as famous and gifted as the demure Kardashians, participation in the chaos of Twitter can sometimes seem like an exercise in abject futility. Sure, it’s easy to trade a “Follow” for a “Follow” and confect the illusion of skyrocketing Worldwide Cyber-Popularity, but when someone boasts 100,000 followers simply because they engaged … Read More Blame Twitter when your kids call you an old drunk. #trends

Swan-dive into the refreshing waters of 2014. Naked, if possible.

How have we possibly arrived at the very brink of yet another New Year together? Is it just me, or have the mischievous goblins of hyper-informed “modernity” been wreaking havoc with the attention-spans of other fine citizens of this spinning ball of slowly cooling molten rock, whipping us all into a frenzied population of cynical, disconnected automatons as the planet hurtles through space and … Read More Swan-dive into the refreshing waters of 2014. Naked, if possible.