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Stirring the Ancient Imagination

Of all the archaeological treasures that Egypt can still boast for today’s intrepid traveler, those monuments based in the Nile Delta have suffered the worst due to the onslaught of the centuries. Once a region teeming with some of the most resplendent and beautiful temples in Egypt, along with numerous metropolitan areas that were the artistic envy of the classical Mediterranean world, little is … Read More Stirring the Ancient Imagination

Just Because It’s New Zealand …

… doesn’t mean that Great White Sharks don’t patrol that island nation’s glorious blue waters. They do, though attacks in New Zealand are surprisingly much rarer than those that have occurred so frequently in Australia. This unfortunate young lady was apparently caught in a riptide when a juvenile great white shark landed a fateful bite on her upper left thigh: the favored spot for … Read More Just Because It’s New Zealand …

Big New Jessi Colter News: Major Outlaw Music Documentary On the Way

Huge news has arrived for the world of music, whether one is fan of a rock, country, pop, blues, or plain ole Irish sea shanties. Singer-songwriter Jessi Colter, whose entirely self-written Capitol albums and 1970s hit singles like I’m Not Lisa, What’s Happened to Blue Eyes, and Storms Never Last sold millions and crossed from pop to country lists and back again, has joined … Read More Big New Jessi Colter News: Major Outlaw Music Documentary On the Way


IF the Deity’s obvious plan was to have us rise above the lesser animals and sort of watch what happens … … for sport … then you’d better hope it ALL ends when we croak. ______________________________________________________(But fear not—there are two opposing Powers at work. Guess which one calls the shots in our mortal coil: The Cold, Calculating, Indifferent One.) #AuthorJonathanKieran #JonathanKieran #WriterJonathanKieran #CaliforniaLife #OnTheEdge … Read More Heed

Proof That Any Ole Piece of Shit Can One Day Be a Steamy Pop Hit

The other day I went down one of those typical internet rabbit holes exploring lists of “Worst Pop Songs Ever Written” compiled over the years. You’ve seen them, too, at whiles. Many of the usual suspects were in evidence across the spectrum of polls and surveys when I was frittering about; I was already well aware of a number of these sonic abominations: MacArthur … Read More Proof That Any Ole Piece of Shit Can One Day Be a Steamy Pop Hit

Food Coma par excellence?

So a five-foot alligator was found in the belly of an 18-foot python in the Florida Everglades. Presumably, the python’s belly had to be slit open in order for rangers to make this discovery. How unfair. That python didn’t stand a chance of getting away, what with the 200-lb. meal stuck in its craw. That would slow anybody down. Taking inspiration from my previous … Read More Food Coma par excellence?

Madonna Has Gone to the Dogs? Think Again, Ye Doubters!

Yahoo news outlets seem to consider moldering pop-tart Madonna’s attempt to stoke the fires of publicity by hogging a dog’s bowl to be “edgy.” Hate to break it to those alleged Arbiters of Subversion, but that would only be true if the dog’s bowl were perched on the very edge of a ledge atop the Empire State Building and America’s SweetFart were braving the … Read More Madonna Has Gone to the Dogs? Think Again, Ye Doubters!

Just “a normal part of life in Darwin.”

Yeah, that is the takeaway line from this brief story about an eleven-ft. saltwater crocodile ending up in someone’s backyard swimming pool in Darwin, Australia. It can’t be a mere coincidence. I think it’s destiny. HARRIED AUSSIE MUM: “You kids are driving me nuts today! Get out of this house and go play in the bloody pool for God’s sake!” KIDDIES: “Last one in … Read More Just “a normal part of life in Darwin.”

And his teeth are pearly white …

Great White Sharks are making a tremendous comeback across the planet due to a few decades of environmental/conservational efforts and implemented articles legislation from Australia to Puget Sound. The evidence of shark-recovery is everywhere—not just in the increasingly sensationalistic and exploitative circus that is TV’s SHARK WEEK. For example, Great white sharks are attacking, eating, and encountering more people than ever before in recorded … Read More And his teeth are pearly white …

Cleo Isn’t Down There

I can understand why an eager archaeologist (along with various Egyptian Antiquities authorities) has been trumpeting the possibility of finding Cleopatra’s tomb beneath the ruins of a large temple site near Alexandria. Stoking the media-hungry fires of imagination generates great publicity for Egyptian tourism overall—I presume that authorities are eager to develop the Osiris and Isis temple at Taposiris Magna as a tourist destination—and … Read More Cleo Isn’t Down There

Zanzibar Rerun

Why not? It’s Thursday, after all. #AuthorJonathanKieran #JonathanKieran #WriterJonathanKieran #CaliforniaLife #OnTheEdge #Wistwood #JonathanKieranTheAuthor #JonathanKieranMusic #JonathanKieranNewAlbum #JonathanKieranArtist #Jericho #JonathanKieranJericho #JerichoAlbum #WritersOfInstagram #ArtistsOfInstagram #AuthorsOfInstagram 

Rough Week Arises … New Album Drops

The past two weeks have been unsettling beyond description—for reasons far-removed from artistic exploits or creative endeavors of any kind. Accordingly, this has been a strange time to have a new album of songs drop on the international market. My mind has certainly not been fixed upon promoting the work with anything resembling enthusiasm. That being said, my goals related to the release of … Read More Rough Week Arises … New Album Drops