Ohio “kidnap hero” DOESN’T want burgers for life. Aorta breathes sigh of relief. #popculture

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HAZMAT HEADLINE DU JOUR: Ohio Kidnap Hero DOESN’T Want Burgers for Life posted by JONATHAN KIERAN

"I love tasty burgers, but my heart says, 'NO!' " (photo: Cleveland Fox news 8)

“I love my tasty burgers, but my heart says, ‘NO!’ “
(photo: Cleveland Fox news 8)

CULTURAL TOXICITY QUOTIENT: 3 (Quotient could increase if he is being coy just to get a “piece of the burger action.” For now, Charles gets the benefit of the doubt.)

RUDIMENTARY ANALYSIS: Man gobbles Big Mac luxuriously on Cleveland front porch. Man notices desperate kidnap victim trying to escape the house next door. Man calls cops. Man becomes overnight celebrity and acknowledged hero. Man is rewarded with offers to satiate his lifetime “burger habit” for free. Man consults attorneys. Man declines tempting beefy overtures.

EXISTENTIAL RAMIFICATIONS: In declining a future glutted with complimentary slabs of ground-cow with special sauce, lettuce and cheese betwixt sesame-seed buns, Charles Ramsey’s life-expectancy has now increased by 15 years. At least 40 cows are spared. Everybody wins.

TAKE-AWAY QUOTE: “I didn’t authorize my name to be used on any merchandise!”

THERAPEUTIC CINEMA: Fast Food Revolution (Watch the Full Flick on You Tube)

DETOX DINNER: A Double-Double with fries from In-N-Out Burger. (Don’t worry … the cows are top-quality, the burgers are assembled by courteous Mormon-like youths and there are Bible-verses hidden on the packaging. These burgers taste absolutely sinful but are apparently God-Approved.)

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