Sally Field cringes today at her Flying Nun career-choice, but it inspired Richard Branson’s Virgin Air. #NOT

Jonathan informs us that he is on a writing odyssey for the next few weeks. We will be blogging a Pop HazMat “Best Of” collection until he returns in mid-September. Enjoy!

Jonathan Kieran

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TODAY’S DUBIOUS HONOREE:The Flying Nun (1967-1970 ABC)

GUILTY OF VEHICULAR FANSLAUGHTER: Sally Field, Alejandro Rey, Marge Redmond, Shelley Morrison

RUDIMENTARY ANALYSIS: A novice nun has the ability to fly when wearing her aerodynamic habit. Her convent is always short on funds to help the poor but “Sister Bertrille” is spunky and a tad conniving … in a beatific “milk & cookies” sort of way. Fundraising gimmicks, yacht-dwelling playboys and weekly villains abound. The setting is scintillating Puerto Rico. Hijinks ensue. You can see the strings when she soars. A CLASSIC IS BORN.

DEFINITIVE DIALOGUE: “If Mr. Trouble comes knocking on…

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