The World of Rowan Blaize Character Profiles by Jonathan Kieran: Meet … OBLIXTA

~The World of Rowan Blaize: Character Profiles~ posted by Jonathan Kieran

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The realm of ancient sorcerer Rowan Blaize is one in which otherwise hidden worlds collide with (or dwell alongside) our own mortal sphere. Rowan’s existence is played-out across landscapes and dreamscapes that encompass “worlds within worlds,” providing the observant traveler ample opportunity to encounter creatures of dazzling magical qualities. Some of these beings are friendly, others are belligerent and still others have a hard time deciding among the various options. From one universe to the next, certain things never change. Enjoy meeting the main characters of Rowan’s adventurous story in the profiles below and remember: wherever the world and whomever the wayfarer … only enchantment is immortal.

Character Name: Oblixta

*IMDb Dream-Portrayal By: Sarah Paulsen

The excellent Sarah Paulsen has the intensity, gravitas and presence to take-on the towering role of Oblixta if the story should ever be adapted for stage or screen. Paulsen has the goods to play the BAD!

The excellent Sarah Paulsen has the intensity, gravitas and presence to take-on the towering role of Oblixta if the story should ever be adapted for stage or screen. Paulsen has the goods to play the BAD!

Nature/Occupation: Mortal sorceress and Usurper Queen of Kelnia

Age: Late 30s

Background: Oblixta was originally the princess-daughter of the King and Queen of Kelnia, a land in a parallel universe that has become the temporary (and reluctant) home of sorcerer Rowan Blaize. Gifted from birth with great and innate magical power, Oblixta rebelled against her father after a painful remarriage and proceeded to begin stealing the spells and abilities of other magicians through acts of deception and torture. Conquering and ascending to the throne of Kelnia through magic and military prowess, she is bent upon “collecting” the power of all known sorcerers in her world, including the shadowy Rowan Blaize, who dwells in the Southern kingdom of Corydia. Her half-brother, Prince Starbane, is working to confound those plans.

Significant Traits: Oblixta wears a dragon-skull crown, elfskin boots, a robe woven from deadly spider-silk, and is attended by a circle of blinded priestesses and handmaidens. She will stop at nothing to satisfy her lust for control. Her beauty has faded considerably since her acquisition of great sorcery, making her one of those rare witches who simply cannot abide having a mirror around the castle.

Unique Powers/Abilities: Shape-shifting, fire-throwing, necromancy, demon-summoning, and alchemy are all specialties of the great Oblixta. When long-distances need to be navigated, Oblixta hitches a ride with a gargoyle or saddles an enchanted flying goat named “Rundl”.

Classic Quote: “I have warned you before of trickery. If any of your instructions should cause me harm, the guards have orders to slowly peel the flesh from your bones.”

Featured In: Book Three (Rowan Blaize and the Starbane Exile)

*If I am ever fortunate enough to see Rowan’s adventures adapted for film or for the stage, this is the actor (or creature) I can most readily visualize playing the character in a given profile.


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